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Welcome to Modern Metal, where our expertise in Colorbond fencing sets the standard for modern fence design and durability in the Peel Region. As the area’s leading fencing contractor, we specialize in providing bespoke fencing solutions that perfectly blend form and function. Our dedication to craftsmanship and quality has established us as the go-to source for those seeking unparalleled fencing solutions.

Our Colorbond fencing solutions offer a contemporary, stylish alternative to traditional fencing, making them the ideal choice for homeowners and businesses alike in the Peel Region. Known for its strength, longevity, and aesthetic flexibility, Colorbond steel is expertly crafted into fences that not only secure your property but also enhance its overall appeal.

The Benefits of Colorbond Fencing for Your Property



  1. Durability Meets Style
    • Our Colorbond fencing is designed to withstand the harsh climates of the Peel Region, promising lasting beauty and functionality.
  2. Privacy and Security
    • The sleek design of our modern fences provides optimal privacy and security, turning your property into a serene retreat.

  1. Wide ColoUr and Style Selection
    • Choose from an extensive palette of colours and styles to find the perfect match for your property’s aesthetic, ensuring your Colorbond fence is as unique as your home or business.
  2. Low Maintenance
    • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a low-maintenance, high-quality Colorbond fence, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your life.
  3. Customized Solutions
    • As the premier fencing contractor in the Peel Region, we pride ourselves on offering customized fencing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients.

Comprehensive Fencing Services Tailored for You

At Modern Metal, we don’t just install fences; we provide a complete suite of services to ensure your fencing project is a success from start to finish. Whether you need a new Colorbond fence installed, an existing one repaired, or are looking for a completely custom modern fence design, our team of skilled professionals is here to help.

Colorbond Fencing Installation

Our expert team offers a wide array of Colorbond fencing options, including plain Colorbond fencing, decorative Colorbond fencing with lattice, decorative steel fencing, and compound fencing, along with complementary designs. The extensive choice of colours and styles ensures endless possibilities for your fencing project. Rest assured, Colorbond products, once installed, demand minimal maintenance.

Applications of
Colorbond Fencing

The versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal of Colorbond fencing make it a top choice for a wide range of residential and commercial settings. It not only serves functional purposes but also enhances the visual appeal of any space.

    • Boundary Fencing: In residential zones, Colorbond steel fencing is the go-to option for delineating property lines. Its robust and sleek design not only augments the property’s appearance but also offers homeowners much-needed privacy.
    • Privacy Screens: For those looking to create a private oasis in their yards, patios, or gardens, Colorbond steel fencing provides an ideal solution. Its seamless panels offer a perfect blend of seclusion and tranquility, away from external disturbances.
    • Garden and Landscaping: As a picturesque backdrop for garden and landscaping endeavors, Colorbond steel fencing beautifully complements your green space with minimal upkeep required, blending durability with natural aesthetics.
    • Security Fencing: For commercial sites requiring enhanced security, Colorbond fencing stands as a robust barrier. Its solid construction and streamlined look ensure a secure and professional boundary around business premises.
    • Site Enclosures: Colorbond steel fences are widely utilized across construction sites and industrial areas for secure enclosure. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, they serve as a reliable demarcation line.
    • Retail Establishments: Colorbond fencing finds its application in retail environments, marrying security with style. It boosts the storefront’s curb appeal while safeguarding against unauthorized entry.
    • Office Complexes: For office buildings and corporate areas, the low-maintenance and secure features of Colorbond Fencing are invaluable. It contributes a refined aesthetic to the workplace while ensuring a safe perimeter.
    • Outdoor Commercial Spaces: In the hospitality sector, including restaurants, cafes, and venues, Colorbond steel fencing is used to delineate outdoor dining or event spaces. It enhances the ambiance with its design while offering privacy and security.

    Colorbond fencing’s blend of functionality and style makes it an all-encompassing solution for enhancing and securing diverse environments.

    Why Our Colorbond Fencing Stands Above the Rest


    • Unmatched Expert Advice and Support: Our seasoned team of fencing experts is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your fencing journey. From selecting the perfect design to navigating the installation process, we provide the insight and expertise necessary to ensure your project exceeds expectations.
    • Exceptional Customer Service and Communication: At the heart of our operation is a commitment to outstanding customer service and clear, continuous communication. We believe in keeping our clients fully informed and engaged from the very first design consultation to the completion of your installation, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable experience.
    • Superior Quality with Premium Colorbond© Steel: Our pledge to quality is evident in our choice of materials, notably our premium Colorbond© Steel. This commitment ensures not only a visually stunning addition to your property but a durable and lasting fencing solution engineered to withstand the elements and the passage of time.

    Choose us for your Colorbond fencing needs and experience the difference that comes with a commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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    Choosing Modern Metal means partnering with a fencing contractor that puts your satisfaction first. We are committed to excellence in every project, big or small, ensuring that your fencing solution not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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    Great Workmanship

    Just had my gate installed, great workmanship, very professional finish. I’m absolutely stoked with it
    - Coen Lowe

    Highly recommend!!!

    We recently had Modern Metal Fencing install a new fence, and we are absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Joel was knowledgeable and professional at handling our extremely difficult insurance claim. The fence looks brilliant, and the work was done in a timely manner. Joel and his team's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction are exceptional. If you need a great fence with brilliant service, Modern Metal Fencing is the way to go. Highly recommend!!!

    - Karah O'Brien

    Extremely Happy!!!

    Extremely happy with how my gates and fence have turned out, quality work and very thorough workmanship. Highly recommend the team from modern metal.

    - Russell Moschetti

    Just Wow!

    Choosing Modern Metal for our new fence was the best decision we could have made. The craftsmanship is unparalleled, and it has completely transformed the look of our property. Their team was professional, timely, and incredibly detail-oriented. We constantly receive compliments from neighbors and visitors. A true game-changer for our home's curb appeal!

    - Christine Sommercrest

    Beautifully Durable

    Modern Metal's professionalism and creativity stood out from our very first meeting. They offered innovative solutions that fit our budget and went above and beyond to ensure the project was completed to our satisfaction. The result is a beautiful, durable fence that has elevated our outdoor space. Their team is truly passionate about what they do, and it shows.

    - Stephan Jinterz

    Consistently Impressive!

    As a landscape architect, I've partnered with Modern Metal on several projects, and their work is consistently impressive. They understand the importance of blending functionality with aesthetics and always deliver on time and within budget. Their fences and gates are not just barriers but key design elements that enhance the overall landscape. I trust them implicitly with my projects and so should you.

    - Daniel Hintersmith

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